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2018 Update:

Power-pedals.com is now owned by Digital Wells Limited. We’ve not changed any of the content, and we don’t plan to make any sweeping changes that will damage the integrity of the site and brand. The text below was written by the original owner Tristan Haskins, who is no longer associated with the site. We respect everything awesome Tristan built and will continue to publish good content that he’d be proud of, and most importantly, will serve you, our audience.


My name is Tristan Haskins. I have been reviewing fitness watches at my other website CardioCritic.com since 1999. This website, Power-Pedals.com, went live on 28th April 2017. I am anything but an elite cyclist. I am NOT a tech guru and I don’t hold a Master’s Degree in pretending I know more than I actually do …

I’m actually just a mediocre cyclist with a keen interest in technology used within fitness. I have only being using a Power Meter (a 4iiii Precision on Shimano 105 crank arm) since March (thank you Evans Cycles). I can average 18mph in a solo 20 mile ride if the wind is being kind. My farthest ride was 90 miles with an average speed of  15.7 mph.

What I found when researching power meters for a review on my Cardio-Critic.com website was the lack of user friendly information. I simply wanted to know what my options were, what I should expect to pay and why I might want power meter X over power meter Y. Yes, there are some brilliant reviews like the ones from DC Rainmaker but they tend to be a bit lengthy and over tech for a majority of recreational riders and amateur competitive cyclists. That’s why I decided to establish this website to help the CYCLING MASSES get the right power meter to suit their needs, budget, technical skills and competitive requirements.

Meet Tristan – Mr Mediocre Cyclist

This is me after a recent ride on my Neil Pryde Alize 105 with 4iiii Precision power meter and Garmin Edge 820. Currently Garmin connect shows my Max Power ratio as 9 Watts / kg. My Garmin Edge 820 gives me an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) of 3.14 W/kg

Tristan Haskins with his Garmin Edge 820 and 4iiii Power Meter

Over the coming months I’ll be pushing myself through some proper Power based interval sessions and hope to see some clear improvements. I’ve been riding a road bike for 5 years now and I’m no better or worse than I was back in 2012. Hopefully a planned training programme will see some improvement …

If you’re want to know what mediocre looks like … here is a POWER CURVE taken from one of my rides courtesy of Strava

Tristan Haskins Power Curve from Strava

Follow Tristan on Strava

Here’s my latest rides on Strava. This widget only shows BIKE rides, not running. You may see some short / bogus rides here from time to time, that is me testing something or other …

Tristan Haskins

I set up my first website in 1996. In 1999 I established HeartRateMonitor.co.uk – now CardioCritic.com reviewing fitness watches and other products related to cardiovascular fitness. I want everyone to enjoy life to the maximum potential. My main passions are my family, windsurfing (Speedsailing), running and cycling (road and MTB).


Norfolk Aerial Drone Photography

As well as managing the two review websites, I am a self employed CAA qualified (PfCO certified) Drone Pilot for DroneVista.co.uk, This business provides aerial photography and video to clients around Norfolk, Suffolk and other areas in and around East England

Remote Aerial Photography in Norfolk

Thank you for visiting.

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