4iiii Precision

Important - you may see Cateye Power Meter cranks online or at your local bike shop ... they are THE SAME as these 4iiii models. Cateye is a well known cycle component brand. They're exactly the same product. Both offer great value for money and come highly recommended, however, if you can grab the 4iiii version for less $/£ - do it.

4iiii Innovations produce power meters for cyclists of all levels from amateur racer to elite pro. The 4iiii Precision crank arm power meter is the lightest on the market offering great value for money with no compromise to accuracy at less than 10g additional weight. For those seeking true bi-lateral power metering they have the 4iiii dual sided power system with strain gauges in both the left and right crank arms.

Best Value for Money Power Meters

If you've come across this page from a search engine or similar then you've just found the BEST VALUE for MONEY power meteris on the market. This is what I use for my daily training - the single sided Shimano 105 power crank paired to either a Garmin Edge 820 or Polar M460.

4iiii Power Meter Reviews (same as Cateye)

  • 4iiii Precision Power Meter Review

    A very popular single sided power meter. The 4iiii Precision Power crank transmits power and cadence data to any compatible ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) device. A genuine Shimano Ultegra crank is used to house the sensitive 4iiii strain gauges that provide the accurate power measurement ....

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  • 4iiii Precision Dual sided

    This is the dual sided power meter from 4iiii with strain gauges hidden away in both LEFT and RIGHT crank arms. Having two isolated power meters means the 4iiii Precision Dual accurately measures left and right power balance. It also provides a genuine total power output (not simply doubling power from one side).

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