Garmin currently have two power metering products. The Garmin Vector 2 and the Vector 2S. They are the same product the only difference being the Vector 2S is the cheaper option with just ONE pedal equipped with power metering, The Vector 2 package comes with BOTH pedals equipped with power meters providing true bi-lateral power measurement and accurate left versus right leg power balance.

Note > in late 2017 Garmin released the new Garmin Vector 3 and Vector 3s power meter pedals. More information to follow

Garmin Vector Power Meters

  • Garmin Vector 2

    Riding within a power zone is an proven method of ensuring you get to the finish line with just an ounce left in reserve. For the competitive cyclist, monitoring pedal power is now a MUST rather than a nice to have. Garmin offer the Vector 2 S for single sided power meter and the dual sided Vector 2 to measure power output on both cranks ....

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