Quarq have been involved in power metering solutions for cyclists for several years. We hope to have some product reviews available shortly. In the meantime, please visit their largest online retailer for more details. Quarq’s latest power metering products go under the name of DZero. The complete range of DZero products have new measurement circuits, revised strain gauge design, improved accuracy throughout the pedal stroke and software advances built in to the Qalvin App. New Features
  • Dual Bluetooth low energy technology and ANT+ let you choose how to capture the data.
  • A simplified product line makes it easier to choose and install the right power meter for your bike.
  • Increased compatibility, including Boost 148 (52mm chainline) mountain bikes and BB386EVO bottom brackets.
  • Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets that can be upgraded with a Quarq DZero Power Meter Spider.
Quarq Power Meters reviewed by Power-Pedals.com

Quarq Power Meter Reviews

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