Power Meter Brands

Cycle Power Meters are still an emerging technology. As such, we have seen a few businesses come and go including several Kickstarter ventures. Power-Pedals.com is focused on the Power Meters from the established brands. Products from brands that offer reliability, accuracy, customer service and value for money. We don’t ignore the newcomers, but we won’t recommend their products until they have established themselves as providers of accurate and reliable Power Meters.

Quick Links to most Popular Brands of Power Meters

What about Cateye?

The 4iiii Precision brand is one of favourites. I have the 4iiii Precision 105 Crank Power Meter installed on my own road bike. It’s took just minutes to install and pair (to my Garmin Edge 820 and Polar M460). The single CR2032 battery provides over 300 hours power and cadence metering. It’s lightweight, accurate and reliable – everything we want from a power meter. That’s why CATEYE now brand the 4iiii Precision crank arm power meters with their recognised brand name. Rather than design and engineer their own NEW product – the team at Cateye decided to re-brand 4iiii’s power meters as CATEYE.

The Widest Range of Drivetrain Power Meters

Cyclists generally have a preference for own drivetrain brand over another. The most popular brands are Shimano, SRAM, FSA and Campagnolo. There is one brand of CRANK ARM power meters that stands out from the rest with their HUGE range of complimentary cranks – STAGES power meter.


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