Cycle Power Meter Systems

Choosing the right power meter for you and your bike shouln’t be stressful. Once you have a basic knowledge of the styles of power metering system available and an idea of budget it should be a pleasurable buying experience. If you need some help selecting the best power meter for your needs, cycling style and budget please read this guide first.

In order of popularity, these are the main power meter systems available

Also consider whether you are happy to have SINGLE SIDE monitoring (eg. Left Crank Arm or PowerTap P1S,) or BI-LATERAL / Dual Sided power metering (eg. PowerTap P1)

NOTE > single sided power meters are normally about half the price of a dual sided system. They still provide a TOTAL POWER figure by doubling the power from just ONE leg. For 95% of cyclists having this “averaged” power figure is absolutely adequate. I get TOTAL POWER, 10 second average and % of FTP from my 4iiii Power Meter crank. Elite Cyclists may want the BI-LATERAL (dual sided) Power Meter to get LEFT and RIGHT power balance metrics. It is also possible to extract pedalling efficiency data from a dual sided meter.

Stages offer a Comprehenive range of SINGLE sided power meter cranks ….

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