Power Meter HELP Form

Please feel free to use this form to ask my opinion to help you choose the most appropriate power meter for your needs, technical ability and competitive objectives. I will reply to most forms within 24 hours, but please give me a couple of days before chasing me up.

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Do you have a training computer already? If yes is it ANT+ or Bluetooth?

If you do NOT have a bike computer, what model are you going to buy to work with your Power Meter?

Do you want the easiest to fit option without the need for technical skills or trip to local bike shop?

Are you skilled in bike maintenance eg, replacing bottom bracket etc?

Are you happy with averaged TOTAL Power based on single sided metering - cheaper option

Do you absolutely need to have TRUE left and right power balance measurements - expensive option

Do you have a budget in mind

Your Message - tell me anything else you think I might need to know

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