Reviewed - Hub Power Meters

HUB based power meters have been available for over a decade. For some people it's the obvious location for power metering as it's measuring forces from inside the rear wheel hub, driving the bike.  It's similar to measuring the power of a car on a rolling road.

With a hub power metering system the power output will be a little less than a pedal, crank or chainring system. A small amount of power is "leaked" through the chain and drivetrain system. Unfortunately not 100% of the power you push down on your pedal reaches the back wheel ...

A hub power meter provides a highly accurate measured TOTAL power output. Similar priced single sided power meters do provide a TOTAL power, but it's the measured power from ONE leg doubled.

 The Best Hub Power Meters - 2018

  • This power meter is compatible with ANT+ devices
    This power meter is compatible with Bluetooth devices
    Medium priced option
    This power meter measure TOTAL power output

    Powertap G3 Hub

    If you are considering a wheel upgrade and want TOTAL power from a robust and reliable power meter consider the Powertap G3. The G3 Power Hub was first introduced in 2005 and has undergone many upgrades. Available for Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM in a wide variety of spoke options. A hugely popular power meter that keeps getting 5/5 star reviews from owners around the world.

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