Powertap G3 Hub Review

If you are considering a wheel upgrade and want TOTAL power from a robust and reliable power meter consider the Powertap G3. The G3 Power Hub was first introduced in 2005 and has undergone many upgrades. Available for Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM in a wide variety of spoke options. A hugely popular power meter that keeps getting 5/5 star reviews from owners around the world.

Stages Power LR Review

Dual sided Power Metering you can trust. This is the same system that has been used extensively by Team Sky to win several grand tours and a couple of Tour de Frances. With active temperature compensation the Stage Power LR is one of the most accuract and reliable on the market …

4iiii Precision Power Meter Review

A very popular single sided power meter. The 4iiii Precision Power crank transmits power and cadence data to any compatible ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) device. A genuine Shimano Ultegra crank is used to house the sensitive 4iiii strain gauges that provide the accurate power measurement ….

Stages G2 Power Meter Review

An easy and cost effective alternative to the power meter pedals of PowerTap and Garmin. The Stages G2 Power Meter cranks have their strain gauge and transmitter built-in to the rear side of the pedal. This is a SINGLE sided solution. The Stages power cranks transmit in both ANT+ and Bluetooth …

Rotor INPower 3D+Review

A popular design for cyclists who want their power metering solution hidden away. The Rotor INPower 3D+ system has it’s strain gauges inside the bottom bracket axle keeping them away from harm. Specifically designed for accurate power metering with Q-Rings. This is just the LEFT side crank arm. You must already have a Rotor crankset on your bike to use this power meter …

Powertap C1 Chainring Review

The Powertap C1 Chainring  is a fully featured, crank-based power meter. A popular product due to it’s dual-sided power measurement. It’s not true bi-lateral / independent power balance measurement. Instead, the power balance data is an accurate estimation of left versus right power. Power output is accurately recorded by the strain gauges built-in to the chainring.  This system connects to both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible devices …

Garmin Vector 2

Riding within a power zone is an proven method of ensuring you get to the finish line with just an ounce left in reserve. For the competitive cyclist, monitoring pedal power is now a MUST rather than a nice to have. Garmin offer the Vector 2 S for single sided power meter and the dual sided Vector 2 to measure power output on both cranks ….

Powertap P1 Pedals Review

Similar in design to the Garmin Vector 2 power meter pedals the Powertap P1 pedals offer ease of installation and bi-lateral dual sided power monitoring. The Powertap P1 provide the same proven PowerTap accuracy and reliability found in their cranks. An advantage of the P1 system is that their electronics are housed INSIDE the pedal, keeping it safe from damage. Available in DUAL sided or cheaper P1S SINGLE sided version …

Pioneer Power Meter

These Pioneer power meter cranks, when paired with the Pioneer head unit, give some of the most detailed feedback available from a single sided power meter. However, when used with a Garmin or other ANT+ head unit they provide only the same data available from other cheaper and lighter power cranks ….

Rotor INPower 3D+ double

A sophisticated power metering system with all the sensitive electronics housed inside the axle unit. The Rotor INPower 3D extracts power from the left leg only to give an estimated TOTAL power. Specifically designed for accurate power measurement with Q-Ring chainrings. Fans of this power meter are attracted to it’s robust design and the 300 hour battery life from a single AA battery. This double model comes as a full crankset kit …

4iiii Precision Dual sided

This is the dual sided power meter from 4iiii with strain gauges hidden away in both LEFT and RIGHT crank arms. Having two isolated power meters means the 4iiii Precision Dual accurately measures left and right power balance. It also provides a genuine total power output (not simply doubling power from one side).

Rotor 2INPower System

A beautiful piece of engineering. The Rotor 2INPower Dual sided power metering system has two independent strain gauges. One, in the right crank arm and the other in the bottom bracket axle (left leg power). Through this innovative design the Rotor 2INPower Dual provides accurate LEFT and RIGHT power balance as well as a true TOTAL power output figure.

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