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Any reasonably competent self taught bike mechanic should be able to fit these. If you've every changed your chainring before, you should be fine. If that's not you, I'd suggest paying your LBS to fit them. These units measure the power from the right leg (drive-train side). Like many power meters they provide average total power by doubling the power measured in this one leg.

Some units, like the Powertap C1, provide estimated left & right power balance. They do this by attributing the power on the down stroke to the right leg and the upstroke to the left leg. It's not absolute but it's consistent.

 The Best Chainring Power Meters - 2017

  • Powertap C1 Chainring Review

    The Powertap C1 Chainring  is a fully featured, crank-based power meter. A popular product due to it's dual-sided power measurement. It's not true bi-lateral / independent power balance measurement. Instead, the power balance data is an accurate estimation of left versus right power. Power output is accurately recorded by the strain gauges built-in to the chainring.  This system connects to both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible devices ...

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