Stages Cycling produces cycling power meters for drivetrain manufacturers across all cycling disciplines, from track to downhill mountain biking and everything in-between. Unlike other manufacturers of power meters Stages have crank arm systems for Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, Cannondale and FSA. There is no easier power metering system to install than the crank arms systems requiring minimum skill, a couple of basic tools and less than 10 minutes from box to bike. The Stages crank arm power meters are now in their 2nd Generation.

Stages Power Meters Reviewed

  • This power meter is compatible with ANT+ devices
    This power meter is compatible with Bluetooth devices
    This power meter measures power from the LEFT side
    Lowest price option
    Easty to fit with limited mechanic skills

    Stages G2 Power Meter

    An easy and cost effective alternative to the power meter pedals of PowerTap and Garmin. The Stages G2 Power Meter cranks have their strain gauge and transmitter built-in to the rear side of the pedal. This is a SINGLE sided solution. The Stages power cranks transmit in both ANT+ and Bluetooth ...

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